Becoming A First-Hand Publisher

I’ve built some websites before.

I cut my teeth making some visually horrifying static HTML sites, grafted hard to make them relatively acceptable and then graduated to breaking the WordPress loop on a regular basis. The purpose (term used loosely) then was really learning about and getting to grips with web technologies – actual substance and content was very much secondary!

The purpose of this blog is to promote content into pole position.

It will give me the chance to air my opinions about the two subjects with which I am generally associated (SEO and Content Marketing) – in particular how they can be combined to great effect. Also, it will allow me to test ideas and expand my direct experience of being a publisher.

I highly recommend that anyone else working in either of the fields I have mentioned makes some time to do the same. I learnt a huge amount from my first forays into being a webmaster and it still serves me well today within the SEO arena. Therefore, I’m pretty sure that being a first-hand publisher will better help me direct content strategy and creation.

Watch this space!

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